Alive is a piece composed for full orchestra. The compositional ideas expressed in this work were influenced by composers such as John Williams and Danny Elfman.  

Shores of Acheron


Shores of Acheron was composed for violin and piano. Its name comes from the river Acheron also known as the “river of woe”

Particle EP


Released in 2018, Particle is a collection of experimental electronic pieces.


Video Game Soundtracks


Spark and the Digital Daydream


Original soundtrack for the 2019 release of Spark and the Digital Daydream. See “Projects” for more info.

Crystal Odyssey Main Theme


Main theme for Crystal Odyssey, a small platformer game.

Remember the Cubes


Electronic music featured in “zomorocks26.” See “Projects” for more info.


Contemporary Art Music



185 explores interactions between vibraphone sounds and sine tone frequencies, notably the frequency of 185 Hz. The most prominently featured element of this piece is acoustic beating. What interests me about this phenomenon is how pitch can be perceived harmonically as well as rhythmically. 185 utilizes the motor of the vibraphone, pulsations of the mallets, micro-variations, and dynamics in order to sonically manipulate this acoustic phenomenon, playing with the listener’s perceptions of amplitude, frequency, and time.

performed by Zach Masri


0101 earns its name from the five-note pattern that is outstanding throughout the majority of the piece, in addition to referencing 0101’s formal sections ABAB. When writing this piece, I was heavily influenced by compositional elements commonly found in techno music. A major focus of 0101 is the exploration of transformations, particularly of musical elements found in techno, such as driving repetitive forces, gradual shifts in timbre, and periods of metric ambiguity. Often, a goal of these transformations is to distort the listener’s perception of meter, instrumentation, and characterization of the piece as whole.

performed by Northwestern University Contemporary Music Ensemble


Borrowing from ancient Mesopotamian texts and Greek poetry, “soft as she is” focuses on themes of femininity, virginity, and sexuality.

performed by The Renaissance Singers

More Music

An experimental techno track composed in 2019 as a part of Northwestern University’s Summer Research Grant. See “Projects” for more info.

Music created as a part of the zomorocks26 project. 2019

Music created as a part of the zomorocks26 project. 2013