"soft as she is" premiere with The Renaissance Singers


Borrowing from ancient Mesopotamian texts and Greek poetry, “soft as she is” focuses on themes of femininity, virginity, and sexuality. These texts particularly resonate with me because I am very interested in exploring queer stories. The Mesopotamian text comes from an ancient document that defines a woman’s virginity by a set of conditions. Sappho writes about her mixed feelings regarding virginity, what it means to be a woman, and her desire to explore her sexuality. Despite being over 2000 years old, Sappho’s poetry is something that I can still relate to and enjoy reading, and many of the ideas expressed in her poetry are extremely relevant today.

Soft as she is


A maiden who has never had intercourse like a woman

A maiden who has never been deflowered like a woman

A maiden who has never felt sensuality in her husband’s lap

she has almost killed me with

love for that boy

soft as she is

this way that way

A maiden who has never had fun with other maidens

pain penetrates me

drop by drop

may you sleep then

on some tender

girlfriend’s breast

videoZoe Morfas